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PeriPage Cute Mini Printer

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Portable Bluetooth Mini Photo Printer 

  • Mini photo printer for mobile Android and iOS phones
  • Wireless connection: connect your phone to this printer by bluetooth
  • You can print anytime and anywhere
  • It can print photos, labels, messages, lists, memorandum, notes, records, etc.
  • The App offers a variety of fonts and themes so your photos will be stylish and cool
  • Record Your Life: You can record the scenery you see, the exercises you did, work schedules, his or her sweet words and keep beautiful memories forever
  • Inkless: With thermal printing tech and high-quality print head, thermal paper instead of ink, quieter, faster and more energy-efficient
  • Free App:  You can download the Free App from Google by searching" Peripage" for your PC or Mobile. For iOS mobile just search the "Peripage" on the APP Store.
  • Environment Friendly: Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery, working in low noise, the thermal printer does not need ink cartridge when using, low operation cost.
  • It can print 57 mm(width) x 30mm(roll diameter) thermal paper, 203DPI resolution, good printing quality.


Q: Does it need ink cartridge?

A: No need, the printer head heats the thermal paper coating dot by dot and creates text or picture.


Q: What’s the thermal paper specs?

A: It can use all kinds of roll paper with size under 58 mm in width, and 30mm in diameter.


Q: Can it have color printing?

A: It can use mono-color thermal paper such as blue, red, yellow, pink.

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