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3D Drawing Pen

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  • This 3D pen is the perfect tool for you to get creative and build what you’ve always wanted to. Get ready to unleash your inner artist whether you're a kid, amateur, hobbyist or pro.
  • New and improved design: Our team took the old conventional 3D pen and redesigned it to give you a much better, cleaner, easier and environmentally safer user experience. No more jams, clogs and aggravation. 
  • This set contains a 3D printing pen, eco- plastic strands, micro-USB cable and a project booklet to make wonderful 3D creations.
  • Drawings and doodles can now be done in the air, giving any aspiring artist immense freedom of space, sense and style.
  • Within moments, create your own 3D design of anything you want including cartoon characters, letters, shapes, faces, cars, even buildings and entire cities! 
  • No money for a 3D printer? No problem! This pen can create anything you can imagine and for pennies of the cost of a 3D printer.
  • So many colors to choose from to make getting creative easy. Our best package comes with 100 meters of filament and 20 colors.
  • Set comes with goodies which includes drawing guides, finger protectors, a pen bracket, copy board and more! 
  • Let your artistic side out and your imagination fly into the real world with this 3D printing pen.
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