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Festive DIY Kids Christmas Tree

Festive DIY Kids Christmas Tree

Festive DIY Kids Christmas Tree

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Give your kids their own Christmas tree this year! If your kids are a little too young to help decorate the big tree, why not give them one of their own? This tree set is a perfect 3  feet tall and comes with a ton of ornaments so they’ll have lots of fun decorating in endless ways and possibilities. All you have to do is hang it up anywhere and the rest is up to them, or join in on the fun and spend time with your little ones. Endless fun, endless possibilities, and a new way to celebrate christmas! 

  • Tree is 3 feet tall
  • Made of soft felt perfect for decorating
  • Every piece is held in place securely with handy velcro backing
  • Created using premium quality, durable felt fabric the ornaments won't fall off and aren’t easily pulled apart
  • Safe, odorless and not messy 
  • Engaging and fun
  • Super easy to hang up and move around
  • Perfect for kids and parents
  • Great way to spend time with the little onesRa 

Each set comes with: 

  • A 37’’ tree with trunk and a large star topper
  • Multiple decorating pieces, including stockings, ornaments, snowflakes, reindeer, candy canes, santa, snowman, jingle bell, gift boxes (all shown in a variety of bright, eye- catching colors)
  • Velcro attachments that are easy for little hands to place anywhere they want 

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