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Luminous Moon and Stars Wall Stickers

Luminous Moon and Stars Wall Stickers

Luminous Moon and Stars Wall Stickers

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Product Description

  • With these cool luminous effect transform your children’s room into more appealing, celestial& captivating space with our Moon Glow Stickers or Wall Stickers. Let your kids lie down and gaze at an illuminated moon which gets more dramatic with the darkness – not only does it help your children fall asleep but also helps take away their fear of darkness and adds more fun to the sleeping time – trust us they would wait for the bedtime all day long!
  • Not only are these glow in the dark stickersloved by kids but even adults are going all crazy about it. They help create a more relaxing & soothing experience after a tiring day’s work, offer you an easy way to create a romantic ambience, and spend some quality leisure time. A luminous moon is certainly far better & unique when compared to glow in the dark stars.
  • Our self-adhesive glow in the dark wall stickers or glow in the dark ceiling stickers could be easily sticked to any flat, clean and non-textured surface (be it a wall, ceiling, locker, metallic surface or any other similar surface) & are equally easy to remove & reposition without damaging the surface on which they are applied. The luminous stickers also make for an ideal gift for little kids, friends or family members.

How to use:

This sticker is self-adhesive, you can just peel it off and put it on any place you want. Please make sure the surface is smooth and clean otherwise the sticker can fall off.

Note: Without absorbing light the sticker will not be luminous. If you want it to glow in the dark let it absorb enough light for a few minutes. Then place it in the dark, it will emit soft light in the beginning but as time passes and the stickers absorb more light, the glow will become stronger.



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