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Minibear Kids Instant Camera

Minibear Kids Instant Camera

Minibear Kids Instant Camera

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Thermal Printing Paper

Single Roll Size: Width 57mm, diameter 27mm, length 6m. Paper Thickness: 65g. Picture Storage Time: Save as required, the printed photos can be stored for up to 10years. Storage Environment: Recommended temperature 10°C -30C, humidity 30% -70%,shady, place, avoid heat, away from the ground.

Product Content:

Instant Print Camera * 1 Manual * 1    USB Data Cable * 1   32G TF Card * 1   Neck Lanyard * 1    Thermal Paper 6m * 3  (Print about 200 photos)

Please Note:

Due to the long time transport, the kids camera's battery will in the low power, please charge before using. To prevent the memory card from being lost during transportation, we insert it into the camera.

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